Ask Posh Party Gal: Setting A Table

Q: Do you have simple ways to remember where things go when setting the table?

A: Yes! We love setting tables and whether your event is casual or formal, there are proper places for everything on a table.


This beautiful illustration from Antiquaria Vintage is an amazing visual. Here are a few easy ways to remember:

1) The word FORK has the same number of letters as the word LEFT. Forks are always on the left.
2) The work KNIFE has the same number of letters as the work RIGHT. Knifes are always on the right.
3) Remember BMW. From left to right on a place setting, that would translate to Bread Meal Water.

I hope these simple tips help!


1 thought on “Ask Posh Party Gal: Setting A Table”

  1. Katelyn Drenchen

    Love these tips!! I always have a hard time remembering where things go. I will definitely be referring to this picture!

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